Xiaomi, Other Smartphone Makers Come out Clean in Taiwan Data Breach and Security Probe

Published Date : Dec 31, 2014

After data security concerns on a national level were questioned and a probe was launched in September against some smartphone brands in Taiwan, the issue is now solved with no detentions. Xiaomi Inc. and some other smartphone brands in Taiwan have been cleared of the charges of having breached local data protection laws by the Taiwanese regulatory authorities.

Taiwan’s National Communications Commission stated, in the report concluding the case, that all the 12 brands tested by it regarding data security concerns, including smartphone giants such as Apple Inc., Samsung Electronics Co., Sony Corp, LG, proved non-guilty and no instances of violation of law were found.

However, the NCC has urged mobile phone manufacturers to enhance security of information transmission of their devices. The case, which also involved testing of Chinese companies Huawei technologies Co. and ZTE Corp., reminded the kind of scrutiny Chinese tech firms face outside their home market due to rising data breach and cyber security threats being currently seen in the telecom industry. 

The issue is also an indication of Taiwan’s concerns about security issues involved with China, its largest business partner but one which has never stopped the use of force to claim control over the country.

Earlier, Xiaomi’s budget smartphones, which are highly popular across Asia, were accused of being involved in acts related with breach of private data. In August, the company had published a public apology and had promised to change a default feature in its phones which enabled the collection of user’s address book data without the user’s permission.