Sea Wall Collapses Due to Blackpool Storms

Published Date : Dec 31, 2014

Due to stormy weather, part of a new sea wall that was being constructed by Balfour Beatty in Blackpool collapsed. A concrete base and stone foundations which was a part of the 22 million pounds program at Anchorsholme have crumbled and fallen apart into the sea. The sea wall which is situated in the northern part of the resort is basically a part of a program worth 86 million pounds for latest sea defense. 

The work as per the scheme began in the month of April which was a part of collaboration between the Blackpool and Wyre and the Environment Agency councils.  As per a conservative councilor for the Anchorsholme Paul Galley explained that the new promenade’s foundation area which is basically a core casing made over the previous promenade had fallen apart during Christmas and it caused severe concern since this was the bit that was to hold the entire weight for the whole tonnage. There was an air of excitement and euphoria initially when the project was just started. However, with the latest developments of the structure collapsing, there will be lingering doubts with regard to the safety of the same. 

According to a cabinet member for urban regeneration, majority of the damage was because of a concrete layer or perhaps a blinding which according to him would be protected with the help of wave breaker units when the work was finally over. He also stated that after the installation, the units will be able to withstand and take the strong waves thereby protecting the community. 

A Balfour Beatty spokesperson stated that the severe coastal storms have had a major impact on the Fylde Peninsular Coastal Program.