Social Media Negatively Affecting Academics: Report

Published Date : Jan 02, 2015

A latest report published out of the Miriam Hospital’s Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine indicates that the large amounts of time that kids spend on social media websites negatively impacts the academic performance of the child. 

College-going students in recent times have been known to keep at least two or more tabs containing some form of social media open in the internet browsers. These social media sites or social networking websites allow these college students to connect to family and friends at times when they are away from them or unable to talk to them via other means of communication. Social networking is a great way to feel connected even from afar. Moreover, in these urban times, social media fills students in on the latest gossip not just within their own circles but also in the celebrity world. The latest trends across the globe are compiled together for convenience, keeping kids hooked for long durations. 

However, the study states that the time has come for students to close each of those social media website tabs and even remove the various apps on smartphones and tablets that make accessing social networking sites on the go. These apps and tabs pose to be a major distraction, directly impacting a student’s academic behavior. These could include physically attending classes and lectures and completing the given homework. Distraction by these websites also leads to reduced academic confidence and numerous other problems affecting school projects such as substance abuse and lack of sleep. 

The report states that all forms of social media are bad for students when it comes to performance in school.