Eastern Indian State Gets First Women’s Varsity

Published Date : Jan 02, 2015

Odisha - the eastern state of the Indian subcontinent - gets its first women’s university. The Rashtriya Uchhatar Sikha Abhiyan (RUSA), which falls under India’s Union HRD ministry, accepted the Odisha government’s proposal to confer Rama Devi Autonomous Women’s College in Bhubaneswar the status of a university. This premier women’s college will be the state’s first-ever women’s university. 

The Khallikote Autonomous College in Brahmapur has also been conferred the title of cluster university by RUSA. This proposal too was offered by the state government of Odisha. Speaking to media on Thursday, Pradip Kumar Panigrahi, minister of higher education stated that every women’s college that falls under the jurisdiction of UTkal University will henceforth come under the wings of Khallikote Cluster University.

The implementation of the two proposed universities will be initiated by the state government soon, Pradip Kumar Panigrahi said on Thursday at the press meet. He also stated that the RD Women’s College will become a women’s university for the academic year 2015-2016. 

As per the decision taken, the Central government in India has set aside and would be releasing INR 55 crore for each of the universities in Odisha. This amount will be utilized over the next three years as part of the Rashtriya Uchhatar Sikha Abhiyan infrastructure development program.  

The state government of Odisha has also planned to introduce many more new courses in both of these universities. 

Pradip Kumar Panigrahi revealed that the Odisha government had initially asked for INR 956 crore in order to develop the infrastructure of six colleges. Out of these, the Central government has agreed to give out INR 200 crore for four colleges that fall under Rashtriya Uchhatar Sikha Abhiyan over the next three years.