Sony’s New Lifestyle Brand Creating Waves

Published Date : Jan 05, 2015

In collaboration with ROXY - a leading women’s sports fashion clothing brand - Sony Mobile launches the new SmartBand. ROXY has till date represented adventure-driven, purposeful, and limited edition fashion.

Creative product design director at Sony Mobile Communications Jeanne Kimbre stated that technology as well as fashion has always played a vital role in a person’s day-to-day life and the world has finally come to a point where the two can merge seamlessly and support each other. Wearable technology has emerged as a bridge that brings the two converging worlds together.

Jeanne also said that intense exploration into this foray has resulted in SmartBand with ROXY, which forms a part of Sony Mobile’s SmartWear range. The SmartWear collection consists of wearable technology that suits every wearers taste, style, and personality, offering a wide range of options. 

The attractive cobalt blue embellishment of the SmartBand with ROXY in the form of waves will appeal not just to sports fanatics but even active lifestyle addicts. The product has a waterproof design (with a rating of IP58) and lends its wearers the perfect experience of thrill and adventure. The best feature of the SmartBand is that wearers will then be able to preserve the memories of all those adventures with the help of the well-known app Lifelog. 

Model, surfer, and musician Justine Mauvin, who is also the ambassador of ROXY and Sony, expressed her delight at being able to support SmartBand with ROXY. She said that the device’s ability to be worn as well as its portability allows it to fit perfectly into her busy lifestyle.