Iran Plans to Wreak Nuclear Missile Attack on Israel

Published Date : Jan 07, 2015

Iranians desire to acquire nuclear weapons to annihilate the entire state of Israel. The scenarios involve political and military problems that have driven Supreme Leader Khamenei to surround Israel from all corners. He said even without nuclear weapons, he intends to capture the state from the east – the West Bank, from the north – Hezbollah, and the south – Gaza and Hamas with missile arsenals and an unbroken ring of rocket. 

Ever since the end of Hamas and Israel war, Iran has been an open supplier of advanced missiles in the region without a further word of condemnation from the West. 

At the International Congress on Extremist and Takfiri Orientations, Supreme Leader Khamenei expressed that they have passed through every hurdle of denominational afflict. They have helped Shia (Hezbollah) and Sunni groups, Islamic Jihad and Hamas in few things that unite Muslims more than abhorrence of Israel. 

A strong blow has been struck against Israeli security, says Ahmad Bakhsharyesh. He is the member of the Iranian National Security and Foreign Policy Committee. Iran has prevented all efforts from Israel in the pursuit to attack Iranian nuclear facilities. Khamenei noted that in firing the missile arsenals of Hezbollah and Hamas, the security based in Israel will be challenged and the freedom of Jerusalem will be achieved.  

The Fateh-110 Missile has the ability to strike every target in Israel, while Iran is deeply engaged in nuclear negotiations in Vienna and Geneva. 

The U.S. forces have withdrawn from this region and instead the Iran forces have strengthened in Syria, the Palestinian territories, Israeli security, Lebanon, and Iraq to a certain degree. 

In addition, military planners have emerged and terrorist mobilization in the Golan region has increased all of which has been a temporary reprieve from the war.  

The encirclement strategy in Iran is not new, but is reinforced based on gathered knowledge. This is one of the factors that must be entertained in a defensive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.