One in Five Primary Schools in England Overflowing with Pupils

Published Date : Jan 13, 2015

A study by a Labor party has shown that nearly one in five primary schools in England is filled over capacity. The study has been conducted at a time when parents are all set to finalize which primary school to put their child in. 

Local authorities had requested for freedom of information (FoI) in this regard and Labor has responded with the information. It has found that 18% of the primary schools were termed as over capacity and 9% schools were cited as at capacity. Labor has argued that this is because of the coalition policy that has diverted money to new free schools. The party states that there is no sufficient demand for schools in certain areas despite which quite a few of them have been set up there. 

The study also shows that a whopping 78% of English local authorities have said that there is a dire need of additional primary schools by the month of September in 2017. This has added more pressure to the matter. 

The freedom of information study by Labor received usable answers 124 local authorities, and 24 of the authorities either sent unusable answers or did not respond at all. The study also states that some of the responses are minus data from academies or free schools. In totality, 13, 063 primary schools that involve local authorities, 2,289 schools were found to not have sufficient space for its pupils. Labor also showed how some of these over-capacity schools have been indulging in innovative ways to take in more students.