A New Range of Site Dumpers to be Launched by JCB

Published Date : Jan 14, 2015

JCB will soon be launching a set of site dumpers with Terex under an OEM supply agreement. The site dumper line-up of JCB will essentially be based around four main highly selling weight classes between the weights of a ton and almost ten tons. The machines have been manufactured by Terex in Coventry and are available to JCB to be sold under its own colors which will be a part of an engine supply deal worth 4.5 million pounds. 55kW JCB Ecomax diesel engines are mostly used Terex in the six ton dumper models, thereby making these EU (European Union) stage IIIB compliant, and also transmission and transfer boxes of JCB in the six ton, nine tone, and the ten ton machines. 

The compact one and two ton machines manufactured and offered by JCB have basically been designed for landscaping and house building contractors, whereas, the 3 ton and the 3.5 ton models are best suited for general rental and construction businesses. From the heavy duty perspective, the 9 ton and 10 ton dumpers are meant for load carrying capacity for huge earthmoving projects. Swivel skip, forward tip, and high tip models will soon be offered. 15.5kW to 90kW is the range for engine outputs and both hydrostatic and synchro-shuttle transmissions are available. 

Tim Burnhope, the chief innovation and growth officer at JCB stated that the introduction of the site dumper product adds a new dimension to the product range of JCB. Furthermore, JCB’s site dumper will have a whole new benefit that will be supported by the dealer network of JCB and also its well known service support levels. 

The range of site dumper of JCB will be available from the dealers of JCB all over the U.K. from February 2015 and will eventually move to dealers all across the globe a little later.