HeartWare’s Less-Invasive Surgical Technique

Published Date : Jan 15, 2015

HeartWare recently declared the very first implant of its HeartWare Ventricular Assist System and also the HVAD pump which basically uses the procedure of less-invasive thoracotomy in patients in the HVAD lateral clinical trial of the last stage of heart failure patients who are in line for a heart transplant procedure. The main aim of the study is examining the outcome and consequence of the less invasive technique to implantation which basically involves placing the HVAD pump close to the heart through a small and a lateral incision/cut between the ribs on the left side of the patient’s chest. 

As against the conventional method which calls for a vertical cut through the center of the chest of the patient, this method involves a horizontal cut on the left side of the chest. As per doctors and specialists, this technique of thoracotomy implant holds significant promise for ensuring that the process of implantation becomes easier for the surgeons and can be tolerated well by the patient. The doctors also stated that when implantation is carried out via thoracotomy it ensures the preservation of a sternotomy meant for a heart transplant. This as a result ensures that the subsequent surgery is a little less complex for the bridge-to-transplant patient. 

It is expected that this trial will gradually enroll almost 120 patients in about thirty hospitals in the U.S. As per observations, there has been a rise in interest in thoracotomy in the U.S. as well as at an international level. In fact, greater than 20% of the HVAD implants performed last year were carried out via the less invasive technique.