Duluth, Minnesota Heralds Construction Boom

Published Date : Jan 19, 2015

2014 was a largely positive year to be a part of the construction sector in Duluth. The bolstered economy has had a great impact on residential construction here.

At the same time, non-residential construction has escalated to level unknown since 2010 and 2011. That was a period when the public school system in Duluth took a strong progressive stance for investing millions of dollars into their campaign to upgrade educational facilities.

The non-residential construction projects in 2014 pulled building permits worth US$88.7 million. The number is more than quadruple the city’s construction activity in 2013.

The President of the Duluth Buildings and Construction Trades Council, Craig Olson, said that the economy has been on the rise with construction projects such as the Maurice Tower going up and the foundations for the DTA Building being laid.

The director of business and economic development for Duluth, Chris Eng, said that there are multiple private and public sector construction projects being undertaken. The list of projects includes the new airport parking ramp, Kwik Trip gas stations, and other similar retail developments.

Eng added that there is a lot of optimism linked to the construction activities in Duluth. People are excited about the city’s future and the general direction in which its planning and development is headed. The fact that companies are investing more in construction is good news for the city. The increase of market values in both commercial and industrial sectors will actually ease the tax issues on residential property owners.

190 new units have successfully been created in the Duluth housing sector in 2014. The number shows an 84 per cent increment over the 103 units that were created in 2013.