Full Service by Monday from Eurostar after Fire Damage Recoveries

Published Date : Jan 19, 2015

Eurostar International Ltd. has revealed their aim to schedule a fully ready train timetable from Monday after completing recoveries from Channel Tunnel rail link fire. The tunnel was closed for most of Saturday with more cancellations on Sunday.

The passenger express trains from Eurostar are likely to function bearing a delay of 30 minutes on Monday morning. The delays are due to Groupe Eurotunnel SA workers continuing their efforts to reopen the northbound tube. The tunnel was closed immediately after the detection of a smoldering load on a truck.

All of six trains from London, three from Brussels, and two trains from Paris were stopped from their duties in the Eurostar timetable. The trains were stopped despite the reopening of the southbound tunnel for bi-directional traffic. The cancellations were made due to a power outage that affected the bore for two hours, according to Catherine Bayles, a Eurostar spokesperson.

Eurostar has also said that Eurotunnel has asked for the tunnels to be shut while their engineers work overnight to bring more tunnels back into service by Monday. The company plans to run a full schedule of train services and passengers are expected to check in as usual. However, Eurostar trains might be subject to delays as the tunnels will not be fully operational.

The cancellations made on Sunday created frustration while attempts were made to clear the horde of passengers that were stranded since Saturday. The people that were previously book on services that were cancelled were advised to rebook.