Vitamin D can Protect People with Colorectal Cancer: Study

Published Date : Jan 19, 2015

According to a new study by Dana-Farber institute vitamin D has the potential to protect people with collateral cancer by triggering the vigilance of their immune system against cancerous or tumor cells. The research for the first time demonstrated a link between immune response to cancer and vitamin D in a large section of human population. The findings from the study reveal that “sunshine vitamin” better known as vitamin D can help to prevent cancer. 

A senior author of the study from Dana-Farber, Harvard school of Public Health, said that people who nurtures high level of vitamin D in their bloodstream faces lower risk of having collateral cancer. As per the laboratory research, vitamin D has properties to significantly boost the function of immune system thereby triggering T cells, which fights cancer cells and prevents them from growing inside human body. In the study, researchers focused on investigating whether the role played by Vitamin D in immune system physically reduced the risk of collateral cancer in people whose body experiences high levels of vitamin D circulating in their bloodstream. 

The researchers observed that by connecting the two diverse phenomena, people who have high level of vitamin D in their body enjoys lower risk of developing collateral tumors. This implies that collateral tumors that by any chance develop in these humans will contradict more with the immune response. 

The team of investigators participating in the research drew on facts and figures from 170,000 participants in the two dominant and long running health running projects, Nurses’ Health Study and Health Professionals Follow-up Study.