Samsung Simband to Help Companies Build Better Health Wearables

Published Date : Jan 19, 2015

Since the last couple of years Samsung is slowly penetrating into the digital health market with its host of offerings like TV monitors of medical grades, ultrasonic devices and most recently a line of trendy health gears called Gears and Gear Fit trackers. At a conference, Health 2.0 WinterTech organized in San Francisco, Samsung expressed their plans of capitalizing on technology to improve health a little more. 

Samsung’s Director of Strategy and Business Development, Dr. Tejash Shah said that, Simband, a wearable wrist gear features design on lines of a wrist watch that is inbuilt with sensors to measure the biometric data of the user. 

The Simband wrist band is not meant for commercial sale. It is designed and innovated by the brand to serve the role of a platform allowing wearable companies to improve their devices and corresponding algorithms of data processing. The wrist gear will be pre integrated with sensors that would serve multifaceted purposes of accelerometer, galvanic skin response sensor, ECG, gyroscope, multiple optical sensors that will allow measuring the wearer’s heart and pulse rate and a skin surface thermometer. The gear will also support wireless data transport via Bluetooth 4.0. 

The reason highlighted by Samsung in innovating and designing the gear is to make wearable companies feel confident that they are developing devices on Samsung’s universal and comprehensive platform and are collecting data via highly accurate and robust sensors developed by Samsung.