Orange Business Services Will Present e-Healthcare Solutions at Arab Health 2015

Published Date : Jan 20, 2015

Orange Business Services will represent the company’s ICT solutions for enhanced healthcare expertise at the Arab Health 2015. 

Orange Business Services is participating in partnership with a French Agency in the French Pavillion (for international business development). This is to be presented at the Dubai International Conventional and Exhibition Center during January 26 - 29. 

The event will shed light on the chronic disease remote monitoring solutions, connected hospitals and medical hosting services. Through integration expertise, innovations and communications the support is delivered to the healthcare in the given region. Orange offers a wide range of extensive expertise for aiding the medical industry with its utmost technology and network management. 

Connected Hospital will deliver services for telemedicine solutions and offer scalable communications and services for other healthcare establishments. It will provide solutions for the remote monitoring of patients facing chronic illnesses. Their services enable patients to have fully-controlled access to patient data and also respecting the protection regulations of patient’s personal medical data.    

The Middle East has faced a rapid rise in chronic diseases and other lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes. Mickael Ghossein said growing population is one of the major factors driving growth into the healthcare services industry. 

Moreover, technology too plays an important role in delivering healthcare through different modes of communication such as the Internet of Things. Today, healthcare service providers and governments can provide high and better quality over more patients, both in hospitals and at home.  

Such digital transformation in the healthcare sector has created connected-health opportunities in the Middle East and other parts of the world. 

Orange certainly has the technological know-how in developing reliable, simple, and cost-effective tools for medical and personal healthcare services.