Technocrats Ditch Phones For Combating Addiction to the Digital World

Published Date : Jan 21, 2015

It seems that the world has realized the problem associated with too much involvement in digital media - that it can be addictive. Leading technocrats from a number of global companies have already started taking measures to stay away from any such addiction. Insiders say that strategist at Twitter and Tumblr, and technocrats like Arianna Huffington are taking breaks from their smartphones to show that they can easily live without digital media, albeit for a few hours at least.

Many executives said in interviews at the technology conference Digital Life Design held at Munich that remaining linked to the digital world in a hyper-connected manner is plaguing them with a sense of data overload, and fears of dependency, same fears as many of their consumers face.

So, many of them are seeking to escape from their phones and take out some extra time to relax or think. Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post’s editor-in-chief has said that she had a regular switching off from the digital media while having a hot bath, while Deutsche Telecom AGs CEO Timotheus Hoettges that he attended the conference without a mobile device to take a digital timeout. 

David Hayes, the creative strategy head for Tumblr, said that he goes without a mobile phone for weeks sometimes, quoting the state as being back into the wild. Twitter’s data chief Chris Moody takes a break from mobile devices when he is off for snowboarding.

The executives stated all this when philosopher Luc de Brabandere asked the attendees at the Munich conference yesterday whether technology is making us stupid?

Though the answer to the question was not necessarily, a large share of attendees opinioned that the rising presence of smartphones in every arena of life and social media is having a significant impact on the way we think and the way we relate with the world.