Electrolux Announces a Brand New Visual Image for the Company

Published Date : Jan 21, 2015

In a move to encourage company’s branding efforts, Electrolux introduced a new visual identity for its brand. The design showcased refreshing and distinctive standards of colors and imagery. The logo has been designed to ascertain exclusivity to the brand Electrolux that would stand out in crowd and instantly attract consumer’s attention. 

According to Ms. MaryKay Kopf, the Chief Marketing Officer of Electrolux Group, the company is on a journey to emerge as a world class consumer market company. It is focused on delivering consumer driven innovation and create strong brands. The key objective of this new strategy introduced by Electrolux is to make its brand experience both consistent and exciting across a plethora of consumer touch points. The new visual identity will help Electrolux achieve its objective in both digital and retail landscapes that have changed radically over the past couple of years. 

The new logotype will introduce the name of the company in an exclusive new font emphasizing on Electrolux’s timeless symbol that was used for the first time way back in 1962.  According to Ms. Kopf, the new, attractive and distinctive symbol will personify the company’s objective of providing consumers with modern and innovative solutions in consumer good market while maintaining the trust and association that they have come to expect from the brand. 

Kopf further added that a visual identity was much more than a mere change of logo or color palette for Electrolux. It rather represented the all new approach adapted by the brand pertaining to how it wants its products and services to be perceived by the global consumers. The new visual identity is intended to build greater recognition for the company by engaging people both in positive and emotional ways. In fact the company logo will help and inspire consumers to identify the key benefits of the product that they are looking for.