Telecom Dept in India Roots for Cyber Security as part of EU Discussion

Published Date : Jan 22, 2015

The department of telecommunications in India has expressed its desire to include telecom security network as part of a discussion that will be conducted in the coming round of consultations. The discussions are a part of the Europian-India joint working group on cyber security that will be held in New Delhi. The department of telecom has also requested the external affairs ministry to include the consist involvement of telecom manufacturers in Europe toward collaborating and developing research and testing centers in India. 

In an internal department note, a senior official stated that the telecom network security of the IT network infrastructure and access telecom networks have a significant impact on cyber security. As a result, it would become imperative that the telecom network security is added to one of the points of discussion that will be held in the next round of the European Union-India consultations. 

The telecom department in India has recommended that sub-working groups be created to evaluate institutions, opportunities, as well as mechanisms of cooperation. The department has also added that a strong and stable roadmap has to be devised in order to develop expertise via training and joint efforts on technologies as well as a legal framework regarding telecommunication security from European Union structures. Keeping in mind the capabilities of both the regions - India and the European Union – the telecom department has also recommended joint research and development over and above the partnership in the developmental program for 5G. 

The department of telecom has suggested that both these regions collaborate in telecom testing and security certification. This is even as the department plans to make it legally binding for all telecom companies to use imported telecom equipment and gear that have been certified by a locally-accredited testing laboratory.