Online Car Purchase Portal to be Started by AutoNation

Published Date : Jan 23, 2015

According to Mike Jackson, the CEO of AutoNation Inc., the company will soon be applying its AutoNation Express principle to online car purchasing to Florida during the next quarter. This business expansion has taken place after the launch of AutoNation Express in December the year earlier in South of Florida. 

Prior to that launch, AutoNation had altered the name from the SmartChoice Express moniker that was used by it AutoNation described this approach as its digital storefront, which is basically the completion of a multiyear project that pertains to the experience of purchasing a car similar to making online purchases of other different consumer goods. This system would essentially entail the conversion of the company’s websites from being informational to being transactional. 

On Thursday at the Automotive News Retail Forum, Jackson expressed that most of the automotive customers were not as delighted and satisfied as expected with the existing experience that they had in auto retail as against what they had with other industries. AutoNation has plans of introducing the program in all its markets by the end of this year. This will also lead to added functionality various steps in the overall process. The next approach as per Jackson is the “Buy Your Car,” approach. 

On the basis of information derived from consumers, AutoNation plans on giving its customers a certain price offer vehicle that they are currently using. The other eventual steps involve service appointments, financing, electronic paperwork and service contracts with regard to AutoNation-branded products. By year end of the current year, most of these functions will be reaching the stage of market testing as per Jackson. By the end of 2016, these will roll out in the market. Several commercials promoting AutoNation Express started in the week in South of Florida.