Auto Industry Boosts Profit for Texas Instruments

Published Date : Jan 27, 2015

The last quarter of 2014 went exceptionally well for Texas Instruments Inc. The company closed with high revenue figures in the fourth quarter of 2014 on Monday and is expecting similar returns for the ongoing quarter as well. This steady increase in its revenue generation can be attributed to the growing demand for chips in the auto industry. The company revealed its revenue figures for the last quarter on Monday that shows a turnover of $3.27 billion. Its revenue figures have risen by 8% compared to what it had registered a year ago. 

The growing demand for chips from telecom companies, automakers and industrial customers has significantly boosted the Texas Instruments’ operations for the previous year. According to Mr. Kevin March, Texas Instruments’ Chief Financial Officer, the increasing penetration of electronics into the global automobile industry will fuel growth for Texas Instruments and those working in similar lines of production for many more years to come. 

Texas Instruments is popular among customers for manufacturing the best-in-class calculators. Apart from this, the company is also doing considerably well in the chip industry since it produces components needed for a variety of markets including consumer electronics, communication, automotive and industrial. 

Kevin March in an interview revealed that revenue earned by Texas Instruments from the industrial market grew a little during 2014, while revenue that it generated from the communication market increased exponentially. Increased installation of wireless carriers in next-generation base stations significantly attributed to the increase in revenue generation for Texas Instruments. 

Given the opportunities available in the analog and embedded chips market, Texas Instruments is keen to focus more on it. The growing demand for products manufactured by Texas Instruments and their rising revenue numbers are fuelled by many factors. Recently, the Dallas based company invested in a few factories that it got for attractive prices. This together with the robust sales force registered by chipmakers has given the company advantage over smaller competitors.