Oxo-Biodegradable Creates Scaremongering

Published Date : Jan 28, 2015

From the governments proposed 5pence per bag levy in England should be exempted for a single use plastic carrier bags that are eco-friendly and made up of biodegradable material, said the supporters of biodegradable plastic today.

Around 1,000 members have claimed for energy-friendly companies, worldwide said OPA. This was said by the government that was right to grant the use of such materials. It works as an exemption in the overall market. Albeit the options, the point only settles down with the fact as to what will be the exact type of biodegradable plastics material would qualify for the use and environment.  

In a week prior to the current, the British Plastics Federation (BFF) and many others gathered the ministers to shelve more ideas about exempting the use of plastic carrier bags that are made using the biodegradable material. This is due to be introduced in England in the month of October later this year.  

The BFF and some other environmental waste bodies were accused of scaremongering. The OPA added to this that organizations should know that the characteristics of the different kinds of biodegradable plastics are really not the same. In this case, some of the materials are compatible, while others are not. The bio-based plastics have been proposed as compostable materials. They were not compatible with the fact of recycling and thus, should not qualify for the exemption. 

The association was hard press on its claim for its members saying the single type of plastic carrier bag that could qualify for the exemption is the ‘oxo-biodegradable.’ This type of material can be recycled without any need for segregation, said the scientific evidence at the OPA. 

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said biodegradability encouraged no littering.