Carlsberg Introduces World’s First Biodegradable Beer Bottle

Published Date : Jan 28, 2015

Beer enthusiasts have something to cheer on one day soon. With the introduction of world’s first biodegradable beer bottle, the enthusiasts could be singing and finding a better way to drink beer every day. 

The beer makers - Carlsberg announced their new plans on Tuesday to build a biodegradable bottle that would be made up of wood fiber. 

The bottle will be named the Green Fiber Bottle. It will have an opaque container with a visible thread structure that claims to be unbreakable. Such eco-friendly material will keep the beverages inside the bottle colder than expected, that too for a longer period of time. This is better as compared to the traditional aluminum and other glass models.   

The bottles are planned to be made from paper pulp and sourced wood fiber that will be sustainable in nature. The make will be similar to the material used in egg cartons. Furthermore, the bottle caps will also be bio sourced and biodegradable. 

Carlsberg plans to avoid the soggy bottles with a one-piece design and preventive inner coating that will allay mushiness. 

However, the company has not disclosed the rates of the bottles – whether it will impact the retail price of the beer or not. The redesign is expected to slam the market at $1.5 million though. 

Manufacturing of glass bottles and aluminum cans consumes more electricity and natural gas and pollution to produce, says David Allaway – Waste Prevention specialist. They also require lesser degree energy to recycle. But biodegradable materials in comparison minimize the process as they are composted. 

Carlsberg becomes the first brewer company to announce the biodegradable bottles. This would be launched in three years from now. In the year 2013, a company PaperBoy wine has started selling paper-based bottles. Last March, Pepsi has also filed a patent to use biodegradable materials in future.