Solar City Contributing towards making Renewable Energy more Affordable in U.S.

Published Date : Feb 02, 2015

Solar City project will deliver and install all the equipment necessary with no up front cost to catch a household or business to up and running for solar energy. But, how will this be implemented? The consumer pays to Solar City for the amount of power they generate.

Bar the sun exploding solar demonstrates a potential to be a game changes in the field of energy provision. However, it has been dogged by several problems in the past years. Some of these issues include low energy output, high cost, and slow technological progress. In addition, buying a system that produces solar energy is similar to investment in a car with all of the gas for the entire life spends for the car. Implementing this with a full up front costs or getting the necessary financing is going to be challenging.

However, the prices have come down. The average solar panel prices in U.S. have fallen down by 60 per cent since the year 2011. But, the technology itself has grown by leaps and bounds. It is difficult for majority of households to accept the initial short term price related to installation compared to the long term financial savings.

The project Solar City will provide and conduct installation of all the equipment necessary with no up front price to get a household or any business up and running. Only in this case, the consumer will pay to Solar City for the power which they generate. According to a photovoltaic system, the Solar City project uses a solar electricity system