Clothing among Top Offline and Online Retail Segments

Published Date : Feb 02, 2015

Apparel is among the top segments of the global online and offline retail market, states a research study by - a business intelligence firm based in Hamburg. The report titled “Global Clothing B2C ecommerce Market 2015” states that apparel is a close competitor of the consumer electronics sector for the top most rank among various product categories. This rank is with respect to share of online shopper purchases and it has been ranking in many nations across the globe. Specifically online, clothing specialists, as well as store-based mass vendors all over the world have been competing for a significant share of this thriving market.

In countries such as Russia, the U.K., China, Spain, India, Turkey, Italy, and Mexico apparel has been the most bought commodity. In certain developed markets like Germany, clothing is ahead of all other categories when it comes to volume of sales. Apparel was also the top category in worldwide cross border B2C e-commerce in the years 2014. As per the report, this segment held more than one third of the cross border online purchases.

When it comes to store-based and online retailers of clothing, mobile as well as multi-channel strategies hold immense significance. Most of the clothing shoppers in Germany have stated that they make use of both channels of purchase - online as well as offline stores – to purchase apparel and more often than not compare the prices of these two channels. 

If you take the example of South Korea, the report finds that nearly one in every three online shoppers for clothing bough their last commodity with the help of a smartphone. This shows that use of mobile devices to access shopping websites and to get a seamless and an improved shopping experience, has become extremely vital.