Automotive Aftermarket Business by Bosch Launches Country-Wide Customer Drive in India

Published Date : Feb 03, 2015

Bosch Limited, one of the prominent service technology providers and automotive suppliers in India has organized a country wide customer drive in order to inform people regarding its Automotive Aftermarket division and the various provisions it offers. The K4000 rally, as it is being called, will be held over the course of 20 days and will target approximately 40,000 customers. The main focus of the K4000 rally will be the core strategy of bytes, parts, and services of Bosch and will also consist of a wide range of technologies from a German brand.

Regional president of Automotive Aftermath Guenter Weber at Bosch Limited said on Monday that the various activities that have been listed on as a part of the K4000 rally are mainly to make the most of the extensive offerings by Bosch. Workshop mechanics as well as technicians will be able to provide more improved and technology driven services to their customers. In this way, these technicians and mechanics will be equipped in order to meet the growing demands of the automotive service industry in India. 

More than 500 associates of Bosch from nearly 28 cities will be participating in the K4000 rally and more than 2000 customer activities will be conducted which include retailers, mechanics, product demos as well as fleet owners. 

The K4000 rally campaign is designed to make sure that Bosch is the one and only choice for customers. By conducting this rally the automotive supplier hopes to bring new and innovative products right to the retailer workshops.