Orchestro Won Two Prestigious Readers’ Choice Awards in Consumer Goods Technology

Published Date : Feb 04, 2015

Orchestro Inc., the leading organization in orchestration and demand analytics, announced earlier this week that it has won the prestigious Readers’ Choice Awards in two of the most celebrated Consumer Goods Technology (CGT) awards’ segment. Orchestro emerged as the recipient of Demand Data Analytics Award for the ninth straight year. The company also won award in the new category of Retail Execution. CGT Readers’ Choice Award is one of the most prominent and celebrated awards in the industry. In order to decide the recipient of their different award categories, the Readers’ Choice survey draws on feedback and reviews from rank services executives, solution providers, and consumer goods executives across the thirteen categories. 

On this recent recognition of company performance, Kevin McCurdy, VP, Strategic Accounts, Orchestro said, the awards showcased enhanced interest that the company is seeing in its SaaS-based demand analytics and the diligent execution of retail solutions, particularly from the sector of mid-sized CPG companies. 

The cloud based platform of demand orchestration of Orchestro delivers advanced solutions with respect to cross-retailer analytics. In order to provide best solutions, the company often surveys on the day-to-day demand data that it collects from a plethora of data resources. This solution is focused to make it easier and more convenient for customers to monitor the sales performance by store, retailer, product, and region. Kevin McCurdy further added that the company has designed technology driven analytics engine and integrated applications of demand sensing that will allow customers to leverage important market insights and prioritize their plan of action. The whole idea behind such innovation is to empower the customers with the ability to significantly improve their in-store activities by making use of Tango Mobile, the mobile store application app developed by Orchestro.