Cuba and America Welcome Travel Plans by Lifting the Ban

Published Date : Feb 04, 2015

In a historic decision some of the bipartisan senators have proposed to life the travel ban on America and Cuba which was implemented more than 50 years ago. Cuba which is just about 90 miles away could be open to America tourists, which is likely to be some happy news for its economy.

A subcommittee of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will decide on how the new policy will impact the human rights and democracy on the island. The committee will be chaired by senator and son of Cuban immigrants, Marco Rubio, R-Fla.

Collin Laverty, President and Owner of Cuba Educational Travel stated, the big airlines such as Kayak, Orbitz and travel institutions want to be involved in this change. However, there is a lot of red tape and oversight that is stifling the anticipation too. 

The earlier announcement made by President Obama in December announcement of relaxing the restrictions allowed a easy travel for travelers who were registered in the category of cultural exchange, business, and journalism. However, this order still means that the travelers have to qualify under the twelve groups and none of the travel plans include sun and sand vacations.

Laverty further asserted that the new policy continues to disallow traditional forms of tourist activities that are about the beach, sun tan, and sightseeing. He further added that if the ban was lifted completely and unconditionally then the key market players in Cuba would be able to cash in on this new move to change the face of Cuban tourism sector.