Travel Companies Need to Think Differently, Says Sandberg

Published Date : Feb 04, 2015

According to analysts, the Q4 and the full-year of 2014 earnings of Facebook indicate that enterprises need to think out of the box to advertise themselves. Going the social media way is no longer likely to work as Facebook itself is investing in advertising technology, mobile, and video to make marketing more effective for itself. 

CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg spoke about the investments and it now is clear that Facebook’s audience growth is stagnating which excludes WhatsApp and Instagram. However, the virtual space is also becoming a far more sophisticated platform that is veering towards storytelling.
Sandberg pointed towards Thomas Cook and their sales-driven approach on Facebook to reach out to potential and existing consumers in Belgium. Sandberg stated that companies need to look at such innovative advertising approaches to capitalize on the avenues of digital-marketing.

In a bid to increase online sales Thomas Cook used Custom Audiences. This effort helped them reach 27% Belgian population on Facebook in a. The post on Facebook had a small girl with scuba goggles posing with thumbs up and the link given below was a discount which helped the company earn a return on investment that was 3.85 times.

The ways in which users slice and dice their audiences’ interest will decide the effectiveness of advertisements. Additionally the locations and other attributes will also contribute to results. Companies must understand ways of integrating infrastructure is get a grip on the consumer psyche and the efficiency of digital formats to deliver the desired output to people.