Wisconsin to Experience a Paucity of Skilled Workers in the Manufacturing Sector in the Coming Ten Years

Published Date : Feb 05, 2015

The manufacturing sector in Wisconsin is likely to witness a shortage of employees as they reach a retirement age. To fill in this gap high schools are looking at training the youth to gear them up for building careers in the local manufacturing industry.

According to Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness, Wisconsin is the second largest job provider at 16.7% in the manufacturing sector. The percentage is much above the national average of 8.9% reported the organization.

As the huge chunk of that number is reaching their retirement age in the coming few years, the manufacturers are facing a tremendous shortage. The problem is further getting doubled as high-school students are pursuing four-year degree programs as compared to a two-year technical or vocational diplomas.

Eric Haban, manager of apprenticeship programs at LDI Industries stated, in the coming ten years manufacturing units will have a huge number of people retiring out of engineering, maintenance, and production machining jobs. That evidently means that the sector is going to be strained. 

However, there has been a shift in trend of students pursuing the four-year degree programs, as many are looking at changing it to a two year quick plan. According Manitowoc County Youth Apprenticeship co-coordinator Rick Conrad, there is a huge pool of students who are approaching graduation with no plans for the future. These statistics is a brilliant potential for manufacturers to train the future of the industry that will define the economy in years to come. Thus, manufacturers are inviting theses students to tour the facilities to build their interests and expose them to career opportunities that lie ahead.