Defense Industry’s Amicability Inside and Outside Congress

Published Date : Feb 06, 2015

Buck McKeon, the newly retired House ASC chairman is planning new things in Washington. As he becomes the latest lawmaker he will open a consulting firm to shift from writing laws and major U.S. industry. 

Since the past 14 years, the ten largest defense firms and their lobbyists have extended more than a million dollars to (at least $1,054,275 in 2013).

McKeon has had close ties with the defense contractors and weapons manufacturers - all of which depend on the funding authorized by his committee. 

The new website of his work hardly covers his objectives. The headline is plastered across a complete shot of the U.S. Capitol.

This has affected its health to aggravating in the capital - most probably on behalf of the industry. He is a critic of the budget seizure law’s impact on the overall national security.
Like the trend follows in the House members, after leaving Congress he is restricted for the first year. This does not keep him away from influencing his strategic analysis, comprehensive government relations, and advocacy to those who make and set budgets. 

The McKeon Group provides vision and direction and to the advantage of having served as a chairman in ASC he is looking forward to using his experience to provide advice to clients. 

He also continues to be outspoken for a strong national defense. If he eventually registers to lobby for the industry he could lobby for the largest defense companies and would join at least 97 other Congress members, added CPI.