Microsoft Develops Office that Responds to Voice Commands

Published Date : Feb 09, 2015

The freshly leaked screenshots of Work Assistant for Windows Phone shows many interesting things. If the screenshots are to be believed then as the application open it immediate shows a hub for all the office documents a user may need to access. The application is also expected to respond to voice command such as “Share”, “Edit”, Search”, “Open”, and also some more complex sentences such as “email this file to this person” and “open the presentation yesterday”. 

According to reports, in tandem with Google and Apple gadgets that respond to voice commands such as “OK Google” or “Hey Siri,” for Microsoft’s smartphones the magic word will be “Office”.

Sources from ZDNet, Mary Jo Foley also reported that Bill Gates himself as been a part of developing “Work Assistant” application. She further added that “Work Assistant” is is being made under the leadership of Microsoft’s Digital Life + Work group, which is a unit of the Applications and Services Group (ASG) headed by Qi Lu.

Ever since Satya Nadella took over operation he has been on a move that is aggressive about reviving its sinking mobile business and cloud systems. In a similar move, the company is working with Cortana, its digital assistant to Office application.

Presently Microsoft is in the process of testing its “Work Assistant” application which will use Cortana to perform tasks such as open, edit, and share documents with a voice command. A report stated that the first application will be a prototype which can be used on mobile phones and desktops. In a futuristic plan, Microsoft might integrate Cortana on Android and iOS systems.