WhatsApp Starts its Beta Testing for its Free Voice Call Feature

Published Date : Feb 09, 2015

WhatsApp began testing its beta version of free voice calling update in India a week ago, which is just after Hike declared its plans to launch VoIP feature in its messenger. However, But the feature is not going to function smoothly when the reception is bad. Therefore, it is now quite evident that the feature will operate on 3G and on EDGE.
To begin with the free feature will only be available through invites, which many argue should be available to everyone and all at once. An invite-based system means that the user will only be able to access if they receive a call on the messenger. Once the call is answered, the user might just need to restart the phone or reinstall the application to use it thereafter.
The new addition to the feature will appear in a separate tab next to Chats and Contact, as Calls. The phone receiver icon will appear all over the necessary places on WhatsApp once the user’s application option is functional. BGR India reports the voice clarity is supreme and better than what is heard on regular call. It further added that the function is seamless too.

The voice quality of WhatsApp’s VoIP feature has been equated with Apple’s FaceTime Audio call. The new feature will not need a mobile data plan when on Wi-Fi to make calls. Although this is not the first application to offer a calling service in India, it does boast 70 million active users which is a number far greater than what Skype, Viber, and Hike can boast.