Major Pharmaceutical Companies to Upgrade their Manufacturing Technology

Published Date : Feb 09, 2015

It’s been quite some time since drug makers have resorted to cutting-edge science for discovering medicines. Despite considerable infrastructural development in the health and pharmaceutical sector, not many drug companies are keen to let go off their dependence on primitive technology of manufacturing drugs. 

However, the wheel of time finally seemed to have started rotating and an increasing number of industries are taking steps to upgrade their manufacturing technology. In what we could say a milestone, many leading organizations such as GlaxoSmithKline PLC, Novartis and Johnson & Johnson have taken significant steps to introduce more technology driven ways of manufacturing to their facilities. In fact biotech companies such as Vertex Pharmaceuticals and BioMarin Pharmaceuticals Inc. are about to introduce newer techniques of processes in their production. 

Under the new technology, raw materials will be inserted into a single and continuously running facility. This technology has been already adopted by many leading pharmaceutical companies, since the process allows quality-check without interrupting the manufacturing process. This actually shaves off the time of production by weeks and cuts down operating expense by almost 50 percent.  

Pharmaceutical companies were stuck with the primitive method of drug manufacturing until recently. In this method the companies mix ingredients in large vats. The mixing is carried out in separate steps and often at separate plants, which left no way for the companies to check the quality of the produce until each step was finished. Modernizing the facilities and implementing technology driven ways of manufacturing required the companies to incur huge investments. This emerged as one of the major road blocks to the introduction of newer techniques of production in the sector.