DexCom Inc to Launch SmartWatch App to Help Monitor Diabetes

Published Date : Feb 09, 2015

Taking innovation a step further, ace medical device manufacturer DexCom Inc. is now designing an application to display readings from diabetes glucose monitor inbuilt on the smart-watch by Apple Inc. This step will give the smart watch an early footing in the global healthcare market especially at a time when regulations on such medical devices have been eased considerably.  

The glucose monitor designed by DexCom tracks the blood sugar levels of the person around whose wrist the smart-watch is wrapped continuously. The company recently released an image which shows that the app presents a simple graphical representation based on the data collected thereby displaying your blood sugar levels at a glance. Industry insiders claim that the app will be launched along with Apple Watch in April this year. 

The DexCom monitor will use hair’s width sensor that is present under the skin to measure the level of blood glucose in every five minutes. 

Apple however, was not available for any comments. According to sources, the company has not yet decided on the incorporation of any definite app, though it has provided the developers with guidelines for creating a few apps for the smart watch. In fact the company has been in the forefront of integrating devices with healthcare applications. The latest iPhone operating system has also increased its offering in the health and fitness sector. 

Such application is being closely scrutinized by the Food and Drugs Administration. The agency slackened its grip on regulatory norms during late January following the development of new diabetes monitoring system by a software engineers’ group whose children are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. The system was initially distributed without any regulatory approvals. 

The efforts showcased by the group challenged the inability of the agency to issue fast regulatory approvals. This innovation also displayed the growing participation of Silicon Valley companies and global software developers in promoting healthcare awareness among people.