Netflix Plans to Stream in Cuba While People Use No Broadband

Published Date : Feb 10, 2015

According to President Obama’s announcement for a deal to improve economic relations with Cuba just got the American corporate took high interests by descending on the island. Among the varied, one step that took place on Monday was the announcement of Netflix’s new operations in the country.

All the Cubans with Internet connections and an access to international payment methods will be able to gain the benefits of Netflix by subscribing to it. However, this is the problem of the announcement. There is nobody in Cuba that has access to the broadband connection in order to enjoy House of Cards.  

There are around 100 residents in Cuba and just 0.05 fixed line broadband connections, said the International Telecommunication Union. 

Around one in the four Cubans access the local networks that are isolated from the Netflix connections to its servers. Similarly, the island nation is isolated from the international payment methods.  

This is a reminder to the world that the Cubans do not have things like other people in the world have, and it might just succeed. The plan of Netflix’s expansion in Cuba as business is baffling. 

The lack of broadband speed does not disqualify countries from Silicon Valley’s attention. Some of the most powerful tech companies have been focused on developing their businesses in the recent years. 

Netflix has not responded about its plans for Cuba yet. However, it acknowledges its efforts, as said in a statement.

An expert and editor of Global Voices Online on Cuba’s digital culture cannot find logic in Netflix’s venture in Cuba. According to him he does not understand the point as to why the Americans would want to have an interaction with Cubans and what might be able to take advantage of Netflix’s services today, added Biddle.