SOHONet Vies for Cloud Infrastructure Services for Film Industry through NYSE:IBM

Published Date : Feb 10, 2015

SOHONet has recently announced its offering of SoftLayer infrastructure-as-a-service platform to various film and media network companies. 

The company deals in global data management. It had turned to IBM Cloud to meet various demands in the field of computers. The global rigorous customer demands to meet the needs of the film industry and other networking companies operating in the visual effects, post-production, and animation domains. 

SOHONet customers are allowed to access SoftLayer’s efficient, scalable, and customizable cloud computing resources that are available throughout the developing global data center network. The SOHONet customers have the liberty to spin up a commixture of bare metal as well as virtual servers and also scale up their infrastructure that has been on demand. The customers can easily configure the infrastructure and operate them on-premise servers, and also host multiple Web Servers on one single physical server.  

Customers can also leverage their new relationship with the International Business Machines Corporation in order to gain access to a range of storage options such as block and object type storage, file, performance, backups, volume and other content delivery options. Such services help the film and media companies to complete their projects and deliver them on time and within a specific budget.  

SoftLayer operates as a global cloud infrastructure platform having 100,000 devices under management. It is an IBM company with an expansive footprint of IaaS and other data centers and network options providing leading-edge to customers and all those planning for startups as global enterprises. 

The manager of SoftLayer added that the SoftLayer Infrastructure is highly appreciated by new customers in the global market. Additionally, the company does not charge for the bandwidth that is coming onto this network or for any file transfer. It only offers easy deployment with provisioning as two hours and an access to all services via SoftLayer’s single customer portal.