Smart Insulin Offer Great Relief to Type 1 Diabetics

Published Date : Feb 10, 2015

With the latest discovery of smart insulin, diabetics across the globe could be spared the burden of constantly monitoring blood sugar levels. The new compound devised by scientists is so far been tested on mice and is found to be effective. If the “smart insulin” is to be a reality it would mean that diabetic patients will only have to inject insulin once in a day or even lesser. This also means that the irritating monitoring of insulin before and after meals will stop.

According to Danny Chou, a chemical biologist involve in this research stated that the diabetics patients still have to guess the amount of insulin they need to inject before meals. However, the new device won’t ask the patient to guess or measure as an overshot too would stop its activity when the glucose levels reach normal.

The smart insulin which is called Ins-PBA-F, has been designed to work in tandem with a blood protein, albumin, immediately after it is injected. Thus, it is stored as a reserve. Then insulin is released into the blood system when sugar levels reach a certain point to lower circulation of glucose.

The problem with taking insulin with guesswork is that it can lead to an overdose. Excessive insulin does lower blood sugar levels, but it also has higher chances of leading a diabetic to a point of hypoglycaemia, a dangerous episode that is known to cause about 10% of deaths amongst type 1 diabetics. On the other hand, a small amount of insulin means consistent high blood sugar levels, which also lead to other complications such as nerve damage, blindness, kidney failure, and other illnesses. The new device completely solves these complications for most diabetics around the world.