Myntra to Go Entirely Mobile Soon

Published Date : Feb 10, 2015

Myntra, the e-commerce giant in India is planning to cut out its presence on the web and exist only on mobiles. This decision largely testifies the huge growth of mobile internet in the country. Myntra has collectively reached the targets of billion dollar sales with Flipkart, the other major e-commerce company of India that overtook Myntra last year.


If Myntra ends up shutting its web module to center its 100% attention on the mobile module of the site, it would mark as the first any such instance that a mainstream online retailer will turn to become a mobile only player in the surging market of mobile Internet in India. 


It is reported that Myntra drives nearly 80% of its traffic and as much as 60% of its sales through mobile application. The company expects to take that number to 90% by the end of this year, which is the time when the company is planning to cease its web portal, people familiar with the matter said.


Mukesh Bansal, CMO at Flipkart and also Myntra's co founder said that the mobile as a shopping destination has rapidly outgrown the web. So much so that most fashion e-tailers are looking into different ways of attracting customers though it. 


However, Bansal did not confirm about any such plans by Myntra to phase out of the web and remain serving its audience through only mobile applications.


He added that shopping for fashion items largely follows a impulsive trend. It is this reason that the mobile platform has served so well to Myntra, a site that largely drives upon fashion related stuff. He added that the company is focusing 100% in developing the mobile platform more and more user friendly and taking forward all the company's investments on the mobile platform.