Takata Corp. Planning to Double its Output of Replacement Airbag Inflators

Published Date : Feb 11, 2015

The corporation Takata is in a race to meet their huge backlog of replacement airbag inflators order. They have planned to increase their production to 900 thousand units per a month by September. The representative from the company, Jared Levy stated that they are boosting their output replacement inflators for automakers which has recalled by around 25 million vehicles since the year 2008.

According to the spokesperson, Takata Corp. has completed their ramp up of their two new assembly lines which are at a plant located in Monclova, Mexico. However, the expansion has increased monthly production for replacement inflators to around 450 thousand units from the previous figure of 300 thousand units. He further stated that enterprise is expanding again with their global network of plants which will produce around 900 thousand units per month. However, they did not specify which factories will be involved in producing these units.

Takata corp. is under heavy pressure from the United States regulators, as automakers and other rival supplier are boosting their production quickly. Several automakers are focusing on expanded recalls after the push from National Highway traffic Safety Administration. This was initially focused on hot and humid markets which were Hawaii, Florida, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rica.

Now, Takata will need few more years to fill their backlog order with their monthly revised production rate of 450 thousand unites. As this company struggles to increase their production, its rival supplier has stepped up. The world’s top producer of airbag called Autoliv Inc. has confirmed that it has signed contract with many automakers to provide around 25 million inflators to help fix the potentially defective airbags.