Compact, Premium SUV Sales to Reach the 500,000 Mark this Year

Published Date : Feb 11, 2015

According to forecasts, the sale of compact premium self utility vehicles in European region is poised to reach top half of a million for the first time this year, as a new range of model launches will be happening from big brands such BMW, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover.

This market segment has grown significantly since the year 2010, when it was around 270 thousand units. Market analysts from HIS Automotive are predicting that sales will cross the 600 thousand units market in the year 2016. The analysts are also expecting that innovation in this sector will become the primary driver behind the growth of this market sector. The launch of Land Rover Discovery Sport, which is the niche’s first 7 seat automotive vehicle along with other versions of diesel models and other variants such as coupe-style SUVS and a cabriolet will drive the market. 

The market of compact and premium SUV is dominated by the big brother model from Audi called Q3. This model has managed to spike the sales by nine per cent during the year 2014 and holds fourth place. According to analysts, Audi has made a lot of changes to their model Q3 and Q5 to ensure they appeal to customers on many levels such as brand, styling, technology content, and interiors. 

The biggest winner among these vehicles was Volvo’s model XC60. This model stepped up from its sixth position to second position in 2013. The company Volvo has accounted their surprise sales gain, to the introduction of their brand new 4 cylinder 2 liter drive-E diesel. This power plant is offering carbon emissions which are low as 117 grams per kilometer, which qualifies the car for low taxes in most of the countries in Europe.