Google Buys Altamont Wind Energy Power; Gearing up to Give it a Makeover

Published Date : Feb 12, 2015

Google has been spending billions of dollar on promoting clean energy projects. According to reports, it has spent approximately $1.5 billion worldwide to initiate clean energy projects that would reduce pollution emission when millions of users watch videos on YouTube, send emails, or search links on website, and now the multinational has found a powerful source of energy close to home. 

According to sources, Google is gearing up to announce its decision of buying energy resource from the Altamont Pass. Altamont Pass is best known as the largest, the most iconic, and the oldest wind farms in the country that is all set to get funded from Google for a makeover. 

The tech multinational is not planning to paint the blades of turbines with its multihued logo. However, the 20 year agreement of power purchase that it has with NextEra Energy, based in Flroida, will help to change the treeless landscape connecting Bay Area with Central Valley dramatically. Google has plans to replace the 770 old turbines belonging from 1980s with 48 brand new machines that will have the capability of producing almost double the energy produced by the older turbines. This will be enough to correspond to the energy requirements of the Google corporate Campus at Mountain View, which will be one of the very first companies to be running on 100 percent renewable power. 

As Sam Arons, Energy Strategist at Google said, the project will prove to be a magnificent affair. The field over there is cluttered by turbines of different sizes belonging from different vintages. This has created a rather hodgepodge landscape. Once the project is completed, the field will be adorned with many sleek, tall, and majestic turbines that will de-clutter the landscape and transform it into a visual spectacle.