Automotive Program Making a Return on Trenton Central High School

Published Date : Feb 12, 2015

After a hiatus of 15 years, the superintendent, Mr. Francisco Duran made an announcement on Wednesday about the return of the automotive program of the Trenton Central High School.

Mr. Duran stated in a press release that they heard from community groups, families, business partners, and alumni about asking for more access to technical programming and career, and hence, they are delivering on the request.

In August 2014, the district staff of the Trenton Public School submitted 4 applications to the NJDOE for fresh career technical education programs such as physical fitness, electrical, certified nurse assistants, and automotive.

While getting permission and support for three of the four programs shifted very quickly owing to the joint association with the NJDOE CTE Office, the automotive program was postponed because of the lack of a physical facility to the house the program. Aspirants to the National Automotive Technician Education Foundation, there are clearly defined standards for the automotive program with an inspection of the unit being most crucial.

However, by positive engagement with the office of the NJDOE CTE, Trenton Public Schools received conditional permission for an Automotive/Automobile Mechanics and Technician/Technology program on January 28, 2015.

This permission ends a fifteen year hiatus for the highly respected CTE Automotive program of the district. The district is thrilled to announce that it will provide improved career and college options for the students of Trenton Public School.