TowerSec Ecushield Provides Solutions to Automotive Cyber Security Challenge

Published Date : Feb 12, 2015

Security vehicles from cyber threats are a key issue. A recent released report by the Senator, Mr. Edward J. Markey stated the requirement for automotive cyber security as advanced technologies unlock the door to hackers.

While approving the Senator Markey that new standards are needed to bridge security and privacy gaps in cars and trucks, Dickman stated out there is much more under the hood in terms of providing cyber security for future vehicles than is publically known.

TowerSec has functioning projects with automakers and suppliers that integrate Ecushield technology into vehicles.

Dickman stated that while they cannot comment on specific attacks on vehicles and machines made by hackers they can say their goal, as well as the goal of their customers, is to make sure that the vehicles are safe and secure. As vehicles become more and more associated, the threat raises and will be even bigger when self-driving or autonomous cars become available. The only answer is TowerSec's ECUSHIELD.

Once included into an ECU or telematics control unit acccecible to CAN-BUS, ECUSHIELD offers regular supervision while determining new terrorization to the vehicle.