Construction of Advanced Manufacturing Facilities Approved by HGTC

Published Date : Feb 13, 2015

The construction of the two new Advanced Manufacturing Centers of the Horry Georgetown Technical College is about to commence soon. These centers will be located at Conway and Georgetown. When Board of Commissioners of HGTC met on Tuesday they unanimously approved for the edifice of the new centers. 

The new center at Conway will have a sprawling campus across US 501 from where HGTC is located in the Atlantic Business Center. The Conway facility will have a sprawling campus spread over 3.5 acres of land adjacent to the WPDE-TV 15 studio. As told by Neyle Wilson, President, HGTC, Horry County has donated the property for the betterment of the college. The property has a market price of approximately $280,000 as per the present estimates. 

As told by Neil McCoy, Executive Directors of capital projects to the commission, the attorney of the project was at present working to schedule the conveyance of the property. Regarding the paper work McCoy mentioned that it was “about two Sears Roebuck catalogs thick”. 

As stated by Wilson, the projected cost of constructing the facility at Conway will be around $5.8 million. The amount is generated from only a percent of the money generated from the sales tax as approved and agreed by Horry County voters. The Advanced Manufacturing Facility at Georgetown County, on the other hand will be constructed in the campus of HGTC on US 17. This construction will cost around $7.8 million. 

McCoy further added that they are expecting that the construction of the school at Conway will be completed and the school will start its operation by the fall of 2016. The construction of the center at Georgetown however, is projected to get over by 2017.