LG Display Accuses Samsung Display Employees of tech theft

Published Date : Feb 16, 2015

A new conflict has spurred between LG Display and Samsung Display regarding the charges of technology theft by the latter. LG Display has stated that the Chief Executive Officer of an LG Display subcontractor and employees of Samsung Display stole and sold LG’s technology.

In a recent statement, LG said that it deeply regrets the systematic and illegal extortion of OLED technology conducted by Samsung Display and that the company must stop its unfair tactics at attacking the competitors.

A LG Display spokesman said that Samsung Display has been prosecuted for approaching, in an intentional manner, one of subcontractors of LG Display and stealing the company’s OLED technology by virtue of a false promise about making an equipment purchase. 

He added that the company has earnestly urged Samsung to take forth its competing practices in a good faith and stop investing its energies for blemishing competitors through ways that are not fair competition policies, including practices such as patent violations and illegally acquiring technologies.

Four employees of Samsung Display and the CEO of a LG subcontractor were charged without detention by the Suwon District Court for violating laws regarding the protection of trade secrets preventing unfair competition.

In response to the report and charges indicted by LG Display, Samsung Display has responded saying that LG should immediately stop defaming Samsung and halting its slander.

Samsung Display said in a statement that the company deeply feels sorry that it has been accused of somewhat excessive and undue standards about conventional business relations between companies. 

Samsung’s statement added that the technology in question, that of OLED displays is not new to the market and is already well known to businesses in the industry. Therefore, there incurs no reason for Samsung to illegally acquire it. Additionally, employees from Samsung Display have never asked the CEO of the LG subcontractor for a tradeoff.