Israel Urges European Jews to Immigrate to Israel after Denmark Attacks

Published Date : Feb 16, 2015

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has urged European Jews to Israel after the recent killing of a Jewish synagogue guard in Copenhagen, who was killed along with another person in a gun-shot attack in the Danish capital.

Netanyahu stated that such attacks are expected to keep on continuing on European Jews while speaking at the weekly cabinet meeting held in Jerusalem on Sunday, according to a statement from the prime minister’s office.

He said that Jews from across the world need to be protected in every country across Europe. He added that Jews are Israel’s brothers and sisters and that Israel is their home. He said that Israel has prepared and is calling for the absorption of a mass immigration of Jews across Europe.  

Netanyahu has asked Israel’s cabinet to allocate a sum US$46 million (180 million shekels) for the plan of absorbing Jew immigrants from Belgium and France, where concerns regarding their safety has aroused after Islamist militants have recently attacked Jews from the war ravaged region of Ukraine and Jewish targets in European countries.

Jewish immigration from France, which is home to nearly 500,000 Jews, saw a twofold rise in 2014 to nearly 7,000 from that in the previous year. This was a 25-year high record. A record 8,000 number of Jews attended Israel opportunity fairs conducted across France by Jewish Agency, the quasi-governmental agency of Israel, in the first week of February. This agency promotes immigration.

The unidentified killer of the Jewish synagogue guard was killed by the Danish police on Sunday, in attacks which also took life of a participant in a rally supporting free speech. The recent shooting has heightened Israel’s concerns about the safety of Jewish communities residing in Europe.