Smart Insulin to Revolutionize Type 1 Diabetes is Managed and Controlled

Published Date : Feb 17, 2015

The development of smart insulin is likely to revolutionize the way Type 1 diabetes is managed and controlled by patients. As scientists are working on trials, they report that Type 1 diabetics will no long have to inject themselves with regular shots of insulin every day before meals, as this unit will circulate through blood to normalize the blood sugar level and then switch off automatically. 

Scientists are positive that this unit will completely change the way world is dealing with problems related to diabetes, making is far simpler to live a normal life. At the moment, a person with Type 1 diabetes has to repeatedly do blood tests in a day and then inject a suitable dosage of insulin to keep the blood sugar level in check. A miss of shot can dangerously spike up sugar levels and an overdose can bring them down fatally too.
This project has been generously funded by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Karen Addington, chief executive of the Foundation, U.K. stated that for type 1 diabetics achieving a normal blood sugar level is an everyday battle. Every insulin shot comes with a risk of reaching a “hypo” or a “hyper” which in turn come with a risk of serious health conditions in the longer-haul of life.
The smart insulin has been designed to eliminate hypos, which is a condition the type 1 diabetics hate to be in. This product will help type 1 diabetics to reach near to perfect glucose levels and maintain a control over it in the longer run with just an injection a day or a week.