NSA Camouflaged Spying Software in Hard Drive Firmware – The U.S. National Security Agency

Published Date : Feb 17, 2015

According to the former operatives and the cyber researchers, the National Security Agency of the U.S. has identified how to camouflage spying software within hard drives created by Western Digital, Toshiba, Seagate and other top producers, providing the agency the methods to eavesdrop on the majority of the computers of the world.

That required and closely guarded capability was a part of a bunch of spying programs that was discovered by the Moscow-based security software producer, Kaspersky Lab that has uncovered a series of Western cyber intelligence operations.

Kaspersky stated that it got personal computers in thirty nations contaminated with one or more of the espionage programs, with the most contaminations found in Iran, which followed by Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Syria, Mali, Algeria, and Yemen. The targets consisted of the military and government institutions, banks, telecommunication companies, energy companies, media, nuclear researchers, and Islamic activists.

The firm refused to name publicly the nation behind the espionage campaign, but stated that it was closely associsated to Stuxnet, the NSA-led cyber weapon, which was utilized in attacking the uranium enrichment facility of Iran. The NSA is the cyber agency that is responsible for collecting electronic intelligence on behalf of the U.S.

Kaspersky issued the technical details of its research on Monday that should assist infected institutions in detecting the spying operations.