Apple Planning to Increase its Product Range Beyond Mobile Devices

Published Date : Feb 18, 2015

The big technology giant, Apple is planning to look beyond its mobile devices to make a self-driving electric car. Currently, it is talking to expert carmakers and many other automotive suppliers, according to an auto industry source familiar with the discussions stated few days ago.

The California-based phone maker called Cupertino is exploring how to make an entire vehicle, but not just designing their automotive software or the individual components, according to industry sources. These source also stated that the they did not appear want to use a lot of help from these car makers.

Apple is currently gathering advice on parts and the various production techniques, while focusing on connected and electric car technologies, while evaluating the potential for automated driving.

In addition, the auto industry source stated that full automated driving is an evolution in the automotive filed. The car makers will slowly start building the market for autonomous cars by releasing first their connected and partly automated cars. Apple is currently interested in many potential ways which will evolve the car and one of these ways includes autonomous driving.

Clearly, Apple has increased its ambitions sharply in the automotive technology. The car technology has become a prime area of interest for many Silicon Valley firms which range from Google Inc. that has built a prototype car which allows self-driving to an electric car maker called Tesla Motors. 

However, an Apple spokesman declined to comment on the matter.