HPM donating Honda City CNG Version for Research to BPPT

Published Date : Feb 18, 2015

The Japanese car maker Honda has donated a compressed natural gas version of its compact Honda City sedan car to the research agency called the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology which is BPPT on this Monday to support the agency’s research on alternative fuel.

The head of BPPT, Priyanto stated that the donation would definitely aid the institute’s research on alternative fuel which is necessary in meeting the ever-growing demand for energy in Indonesia. Additionally, this will also make the country to be forever independent of the imported fuel.

According to Priyanto, fossil fuel continues to be the easiest source of energy which can be accessed in this country as a result; their fuel consumption is quite high. But, this car donated by Honda will definitely help their research on developing alternative options to fuel.

In the meantime, the Research and Technology and Higher Education Minister, Nasir stated that the government supported this research particularly on the potential that compressed gas a mainstream fuel is the source.

According to Nasir, they are targeting that by the end of the 2017, there will be CNG cars on the road already. He also added that the company is willing to donate more alternative fuel vehicles such as electric or hybrid cars for research purpose. He further stated that the Japanese car maker is planning to donate around 40 cars this year.

Earlier during 2006, PT HPM had donated a hybrid car the Honda Civic to BPPT for research.