Interpol and Europol seize Illicit Food and Drink

Published Date : Feb 18, 2015

A police operation that took place globally has resulted in the capturing of 2,500 tones of illegal food and beverages, containing out-of-date seafood, counterfeit alcohol, and mislabeled coffee.

The combined operation between Interpol and Europol, which is named Opson IV conducted from December to January and included checks at markets, shops, seaports, airports, and industrial estates across forty-seven nations and resulted in numerous arrests. The haul that is almost twice the amount seized during previous year's operation that included 275,000 liters of illegal beverages, including whiskey, vodka, and beer, as well as tones of potentially perilous food.

The head of Trafficking in Illegal Goods and Counterfeiting unit of the Interpol that synchronized activities between the police body in the world participating nations across the globe, Mr. Michael Ellis, stated that Counterfeit and sub-standard food and drink cause actual threat to health and safety. People are in dangerous situation and dying in some cases because of the gluttony of criminals whose only concern is to make money.

Amongst the most troubling cases exposed was the seizure by Italian officials of thirty-one tons of seafood that being sold as fresh but it had been frozen prior to it and was being drench with a chemical substance that contained citric acid, hydrogen peroxide, and phosphate to make the catch emerge freshly caught.